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From newly discovered animal species to treasures of historical collections, from environmental changes to nature conservation in the Anthropocene, from the opening of a special exhibition to a panel discussion: you will find all the latest information here. We also offer current press releases for download in the press area.

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  • LIB, Research

    The LIB in solidarity with Ukraine

    We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and have put all forms of collaboration with Russian partner institutions on hold.

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    Faces of the LIB, LIB

    Faces of the LIB: Martin Husemann

    Culinarily he is keen to experiment, scientifically he specialises in band-winged grasshoppers.

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    Research, Treasure of the month

    Our treasure of the month: The African clawed frog

    It has the potential to conquer almost half of Europe: Our treasure originates from southern Africa. There are now several populations in France, Italy and Portugal.

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  • LIB, Press releases

    One year of LIB: Researching and acting together

    Joining forces to preserve nature and shape the future: The LIB began its work a year ago with this goal in mind.

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  • Research, Press releases

    Researchers and Citizen Scientists Record Biodiversity in the Caucasus

    “Bioblitzes” in the Caucasus yielded a large number of first records of animal species in a large number of first records of animal species in a biodiversity hotspot.

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  • Museums

    The diversity of natural history at the Museum der Natur Hamburg

    We are bringing together the fields of zoology, mineralogy and geology and palaeontology and the associated collections under a new name.

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  • Museums

    Cool app for the summer holidays: twiddle – the museum riddle

    From now on, visitors at the Museum Koenig Bonn can go on a discovery tour with the game twiddle.

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