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From newly discovered animal species to treasures of historical collections, from environmental changes to nature conservation in the Anthropocene, from the opening of a special exhibition to a panel discussion: you will find all the latest information here. We also offer current press releases for download in the press area.

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  • Museums, Special exhibitions

    New special exhibition “Wild mammals of our homeland – from the wood mouse to the bison”

    The award-winning pictures of this year’s photo competition of the Alexander-Koenig-Gesellschaft e.V. will be exhibited in the bistro of the museum until 27.02.2022.

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  • Faces of the LIB, LIB

    Faces of the LIB: Christoph Scherber

    When Christoph Scherber explains his work, he sometimes reaches into the chocolate bag. The quality of the dark delicacy depends to a large extent on the diversity of pollinating insects.

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  • Museums, Special exhibitions

    German Cancer Aid hands-on station at the Museum Koenig

    Interactive and child-friendly, we provide information on how childhood vaccinations can protect against cancer in adulthood.

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  • Research

    LIB researcher describes new predatory snail species from Rhodes

    Two Greek islands, two different predatory snails: Bernhard Hausdorf described a predatory snail from Rhodes, which had previously been erroneously identified with a species from Crete.

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  • Museums

    Winter holiday program – Museum Koenig

    Together we discover many exciting topics around the eternal ice.

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  • Collection, Treasure of the month

    Our treasure of the month writes climate history: a fossil foraminifera

    The newcomer to the Geological-Palaeontological Collection is a large foraminifer – a fossil witness from the Eocene that writes climate history.

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