LIB involved in new Leibniz Lab “Systemic Sustainability”

The Leibniz Lab “Systemic Sustainability” addresses the challenge posed by the rapid loss of biodiversity and ongoing climate change on the one hand and intensive agriculture and food security on the other. It brings together the relevant knowledge in science and society to accelerate the development and implementation of systemic solutions.

With its expertise in the field of biodiversity change, the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change is participating in the new “Leibniz Labs” format, with which the Leibniz Association is promoting its interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary excellence. With a total of 41 research institutions and 11 research clusters in the Association, the Leibniz Lab “Systemic Sustainability” forms a central knowledge and advice hub on issues relating to biodiversity, climate, agriculture and nutrition. The focus is on the multifaceted question: How can we effectively protect biodiversity and the climate and at the same time achieve resilient agriculture to ensure food security?

The global intensification of agriculture is accelerating the loss of biodiversity and climate change. Conversely, this increases the risks for agriculture and food security as well as the need for adaptation. The achievement of elementary goals for sustainable development is thus jeopardised, and several planetary boundaries are already considered to have been exceeded. There is an urgent need for a more systemic and action-oriented approach in science and an in-depth dialogue with stakeholders from politics, business and civil society in order to arrive at transformative solutions.

The Leibniz Lab “Systemic Sustainability” specifically addresses this need by systematically integrating scientific findings in the field of “Biodiversity, Climate, Agriculture and Food” and identifying effective innovations. In pilot areas in different parts of the world, the Lab addresses regional requirements. It links these with global developments in order to understand the complex interrelationships from a holistic perspective and identify appropriate solutions. The Lab acts as a link between the relevant scientific communities and promotes dialogue between science and society.


Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB)
Dr Karen Meusemann
Scientific Research Officer
Phone: +49 (0)228 9122 307


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