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  • Unique “Elmshorn” meteorite now on display at the Hamburg Museum of Nature

    A meteorite of extraordinary significance has found its place in the Hamburg Museum of Nature. The “Elmshorn” meteorite, which fell from the sky near Hamburg on April 25, 2023, holds both scientific and cultural-historical importance. Weighing 3.7 kilograms, it is the largest intact main mass of a meteorite recovered in Germany over the past century. Officially known as “Elmshorn,” this remarkable specimen will be presented in the mineralogical exhibition at the Museum der Natur Hamburg, exactly one year after its fall, together with the story of its cosmic origin and discovery.

  • Major study shows: Diversity in agriculture brings ecological, economic and social benefits

    Mixing livestock and crops, integrating flower strips and trees, water and soil conservation and much more.  A recent study in the journal Science, including collaborators from the LIB, shows: Diverse agriculture not only benefits nature, but also provides us humans with a stable food system and agricultural businesses with economic returns.

  • The Great Diversity of Fish Mouths: Catfish Attach Differently Than Expected

    Some may know suckermouth armoured catfish as “window cleaners” from aquariums because they possess a suckermouth, which allows them to attach to various surfaces. The attachment is not only enabled by a vacuum created by the fish but also by specific structures of their mouths, which enable an interlocking and adhering to surfaces. A team of researchers closely examined these unique suckermouths and summarized their findings in a recent publication.

  • All good things come from above! DNA-based food analysis in the Leisler’s bat

    Adequate food supply is a fundamental need and requirement for survival. To protect a species, it is often very helpful to know what that species prefers and frequently consumes. Through the analysis of DNA traces in the droppings of a Leisler’s bat colony, researchers at LIB (Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change) have now identified an astonishingly high number —over 350— different insect species that were consumed by the bats.

  • Across borders for nature conservation in the Caucasus – Successes of the CaBOL Research Project

    The southwestern Caucasus is one of the planet’s major biodiversity hotspots. In the CaBOL project, an international research community has laid the foundation for protecting the highly diverse primeval forests and plateaus. On November 20 and 21, scientists from the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB) and their partners from Georgia and Armenia will present the project’s results in Tbilisi, as negotiations about Georgia’s EU candidacy progress.

  • In our new Escape game solve puzzles from the world of pollinators

    Transform a city into a livable environment for insects: Players can now immerse themselves in the fascinating and colorful world of “Project Pollination: A Buzzing Rescue”. The Educational Escape Game raises in a playful way the awareness for pollinators and biodiversity.


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