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From newly discovered animal species to treasures of historical collections, from environmental changes to nature conservation in the Anthropocene, from the opening of a special exhibition to a panel discussion: you will find all the latest information here. We also offer current press releases for download in the press area.

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  • Museums, Special exhibitions

    Prehistoric Horse 2.0 – Icon from Messel

    From March 4 to August 28, 2022, the LIB, Museum Koenig Bonn, presents the special exhibition “Urpferd 2.0 – Ikone aus Messel”.

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  • GBOL III dark taxa, Björn Rulik
    Collection, Treasure of the month

    Our treasure of the month: A daddy-long-leg spider

    They are particularly prevalent in cellars and hallways: Daddy-long-leg spiders. The best-known species in Germany is our treasure of the month.

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  • Press releases, Research

    High from the air, drones help survey sand lizard habitat

    LIB researchers use drones to generate high-resolution habitat maps for sand lizards providing data for conservation measures.

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  • UHH/Ohme
    Faces of the LIB, LIB

    Faces of the LIB: Ulrich Kotthoff

    Professionally, he looks far into the past and, together with us, into the future: as a geologist and palaeontologist at the LIB, his research focus is on the past 50 million years or so.

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  • Press releases, Research

    Sucking millipedes: evolution of sucking pumps in arthropods

    Similar to some insects and other arthropods, millipedes ingest liquid food using a sucking pump.

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  • Press releases, Special exhibitions

    Travelling exhibition “Multifaceted Insects” starts at the end of March in Hamburg

    Our relationship to insects is ambivalent: We enjoy colourful butterflies, but regard flies as pests.

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