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From newly discovered animal species to treasures of historical collections, from environmental changes to nature conservation in the Anthropocene, from the opening of a special exhibition to a panel discussion: you will find all the latest information here. We also offer current press releases for download in the press area.

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  • Museums, Press releases, Special exhibitions

    Biomorphic worlds: Where art and science merge

    Exciting and fluid at the same time, close to nature and abstract: Bielefeld artist Henning Bock interprets specimens from the Museum Koenig Bonn’s mammal collection, combining art and science.

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    Happy festive season!

    Two and a half years ago, we set out on our journey with the LIB. In the meantime, we have already covered a great deal of ground, leaving the familiar behind us to make something new possible – in the LIB and around us.

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  • Knowledge Transfer, LIB

    Where Evolution and Creation Went Hand in Hand: The Elisabeth Festival 2023

    The Elisabeth Festival brought together around 1,500 participants. Led by Toni Bohnenberger, who also invited LIB Director General Bernhard Misof for discussions on stage. We spoke with both of them about this extraordinary collaboration:

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    Vertebrate Emeritus Hutterer receives special honour 

    Dr Rainer Hutterer enriched the research landscape with over 100 scientific articles and is now being honoured in a special way by a colleague: a newly described species of shrew is named Cryptotis huttereri.

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  • Collection, Treasure of the month

    Treasure of the Month – Worm Wishes for the Holidays

    As bright lights, colorful decorations, and holiday markets appear all around us, we at the LIB are celebrating some of the festive specimens in our Annelida collections.

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    “Dress to impress” and “Dress to survive”

    Our animal kingdom is colourful, and it is apparent that the colours of fur, skin, or feathers often differ significantly in certain body regions.  However, what functions explain the evolution of these colour patterns?

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