The LIB’s diverse outreach programmes

The Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB) offers a wide range of activities: The exhibitions provide the opportunity to engage with current and also explosive topics of the environment and natural history against the background of current research findings. With our educational and event formats, we actively involve participants in all their diversity in our programmes. They expand their knowledge of species and learn more about the use and destruction of habitats.

Teams trained in education and the natural sciences work at both locations, bringing the knowledge from our research museums to the general public and encouraging them to protect the environment. Their aim is to provide all museum visitors with intellectual, social, sensory and barrier-free access to the LIB and its contents.

You can find details of our wide range of activities on the pages of our Bonn and Hamburg locations. In addition, our event calendars give you an overview of where LIB events are planned in your area (Bonn or Hamburg). In addition, we have a growing digital education offer.

Our offerings for citizen scientists of different ages include the programmes to promote species knowledge: the Leibniz Taxonomy Workshop, KennArt and Förtax, the Long Day of StadtNatur Hamburg, the GEO Nature Day and the portal on sites of alien species in Hamburg and the surrounding area


To the calendar of events of the Museum Koenig Bonn
To the calendar of events of the Museum of Nature Hamburg


The members of the Friends of the Museum Koenig – Alexander Koenig-Gesellschaft e.V. (AKG) – in Bonn are involved in a wide variety of fields of work: Live animal care, supervision, looking after the areas of youth work, event programmes, fundraising, looking after sponsors and in public relations. All with the aim of making the work and goals of the Museum Koenig even better known. In particular, the AKG also supports the realisation of the elaborately designed exhibitions.

The Stiftung Naturkunde Hamburg supports the establishment of an Evolutioneum, a new museum for nature in the Hanseatic city. On the way to this Evolutioneum, the Foundation gives Hamburg citizens the opportunity to get involved in the preservation of Hamburg’s collections as well as the development of a forum for relevant issues of nature conservation. The Foundation encourages a comprehensive understanding of the diversity of nature and the role of humans in it, and provides impulses for a sustainable approach to nature. The chairman of the foundation is Prof. Dr. Matthias Glaubrecht, the deputy is Dr. Amanda Bauzá. The Natural Science Association in Hamburg and the Society of Friends and Patrons of the Zoological Museum Hamburg e. V. are the sponsors of the foundation.

A recurring action in Hamburg: the Lange Tag der StadtNatur.
A find at the GEO Day: A spider in a beaker magnifier.
Working like researchers: The children and young people get to know the methods of our scientists.
For once, touching is encouraged. The children and young people at the Leibniz Taxonomy Workshop learn with all their senses.
Children listen to the information provided by the guides during the holiday programme in the zoology at the Museum of Nature Hamburg.
A mudflat excursion at the GEO Nature Day.