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  • Tracing ancient lineages of pseudoscorpions in the tropical forests of Western India

    The tropical forests of the Western Ghats, a vast mountain range in Western India, are home to many diverse species, especially endemic ones. In a recent study, published in the journal Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, researchers at the LIB have for the first time analysed the distribution of pseudoscorpions (an arachnid group) in this region in the light of geo-climatic fluctuations and continental drift, providing evidence of ancient species lineages.

  • Special exhibition “Abbild und Verwandlung” – Fascinating marvels of a mineral imagery

    From 9 August, the exhibition ” Abbild und Verwandlung” in the Museum Koenig Bonn presents 30 petrographs by the geoscientist Michael Raith. The artistic photos taken under the microscope show fascinating insights into the hidden microcosm of rocks and minerals.

  • 99 Tadpole species in one new Field guide: A team surrounding Alexander Haas launches “A Guide to the Tadpoles of Borneo”

    Important, yet often neglected: Tadpoles play a critical role in the ecology of aquatic habitats. On 279 pages, a new book presents descriptions for 99 species from the southeast Asian island of Borneo, covering all species commonly found, as well as representatives of the more cryptic ones.

  • One year of LIB: Researching and acting together for a world worth living in

    Joining forces to preserve nature and shape the future: The LIB began its work a year ago with this goal in mind.

  • Researchers and Citizen Scientists Decipher Biodiversity at the Edge of Europe to Protect Endangered Species

    The Caucasus Barcode of Life (CaBOL) Project, led by the LIB, conducted “Bioblitzes” in the Caucasus that yielded a large number of first records of animal species.

  • Eleven years of field work – five previously unknown rodent species discovered in mountain forests of Ecuador

    So far only recorded as a single species, at least five additional new mouse species are hiding under the name Chilomys instans.


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