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  • Sucking millipedes: independent evolution of a complex sucking pump in arthropods

    Similar to some insects and other arthropods, millipedes ingest liquid food using a sucking pump.

  • Travelling exhibition “Multifaceted Insects” starts at the end of March in Hamburg and Braunschweig

    Our relationship to insects is ambivalent: We enjoy colourful butterflies, but regard flies as pests.

  • warmsweaterday Germany – February 11th, 2022

    On this date, the room temperatures in the offices and exhibitions are once again finely adjusted.

  • Comprehensive practical guide for DNA-based methods published

    International research network DNAqua-Net presents guidelines for the application of DNA-based biomonitoring tools.

  • Inflammation promotes evolutionary innovation in pregnant ricefishes

    By combining anatomical and molecular analyses, the researchers found that cells and signaling pathways involved in the formation of the ricefish plug usually control inflammation.

  • World Arachnid Catalogue promotes borderless research

    Borderless arachnid research: With the World Arachnid Catalog, a new international research platform for almost all arachnids has now been launched.


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