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  • “Planet or Plastic?” – National Geographic photo exhibition in Bonn

    Dependence on plastic has become a worldwide problem. The National Geographic exhibition “Planet or Plastic?” aims to draw attention to the global plastic waste crisis and highlight solutions. In cooperation with Expona, Museum Koenig Bonn will present the special exhibition from September 29, 2022 to April 16, 2023.

  • Biodiversity Genomics Europe: Europe’s drive to reverse biodiversity loss through genomics research

    European experts gather to launch an unprecedented project that will tackle the biodiversity crisis using DNA data.

  • „Glanzlichter 2022“ at the Museum Koenig Bonn

    For the 15th time, Museum Koenig Bonn presents the winning images of the international and largest German photography competition “Glanzlichter der Naturfotografie 2022”.

  • Did rivers influence the evolution of Sumatran Cascade Frogs?

    Is the geographical history of Sundaland closely linked to the evolution of the native Sumatran Cascade Frogs? This question was investigated by an international team led by herpetologist Umilaela Arifin of the LIB in their latest study, which was recently published in the scientific journal “Nature Scientific Report”.

  • Book release: The puku antelope

    Anyone who writes for the Neue Brehm Bücherei has proven expertise in the relevant animal species. The first book by Dr Vera Rduch, mammalogist and expert on ungulates at the Leibniz Institute for Biodiversity Change Analysis, Museum Koenig Bonn, presents comprehensively and in detail what has been observed and researched since the first mention of pukus by David Livingstone in 1857.

  • Tracing ancient lineages of pseudoscorpions in the tropical forests of Western India

    The tropical forests of the Western Ghats, a vast mountain range in Western India, are home to many diverse species, especially endemic ones. In a recent study, published in the journal Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, researchers at the LIB have for the first time analysed the distribution of pseudoscorpions (an arachnid group) in this region in the light of geo-climatic fluctuations and continental drift, providing evidence of ancient species lineages.


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