Questionnaire: Marie Valerie Brasseur

Your title, name, place of work (Bonn or Hamburg)
M.Sc. Marie Valerie Brasseur, Bonn

What is your current position/function at our institute?
PhD student, zmb (Centre for Molecular Biodiversity Research)

gene expression, aquatic invertebrates, multiple stressors

Can you please describe your research in general terms?
My research focus is on the effects of agriculture on stream invertebrates. I am interested in disentangling the effects of organic toxicants such as pesticides or an increased fine sediment load on the gene expression patterns in arthropods, and how these genetic patterns change when stressor act in combination.

In which countries did you work and/or perform(ed) your research projects?

Do you have a recommendation for young scientists in your field of study and for their career?
Do not hesitate to get in touch with more experienced people. You are not supposed to know everything, but you should be open for discussion and learn from others. Science is trial and error.

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