International Women’s Day 2023




The United Nations chose 8 March as the “United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and World Peace” in the “International Year of Women 1975”. Today, we would like to commemorate the International Women’s Day by introducing 34 of our female staff members at the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB). They are all an important part of our institute. Our institute strongly promotes equal access and opportunities for their employees, by providing a working environment that embraces diversity, equity and inclusiveness. Using the analogy in nature: an ecosystem with more species will function better than one with one species!

Get to know our international team of females at the LIB by clicking their portraits (a keyword gives you a hint of their main expertises).


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    Global database connects collections from the world’s 73 largest natural history museums

    With their 15 million objects the scientific collections of the LIB are now part of a global database of the world’s largest natural history museums.

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    Faces of the LIB: Karsten Stehr

    Karsten Stehr has a mission: he wants to get young people excited about species knowledge. In this way, they can help to protect nature.

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    An innovative method for estimating the age of fossil deposits

    Fossils are the key source of information of the life that existed on Earth millions year ago. But sometimes researchers are missing an important piece of the puzzle to see the whole picture.

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