Speed dating with LIB researchers at “Book a Scientist”

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Why are we trying to get a better understanding of biodiversity? Why do we need to protect nature to preserve species? What do we actually do at LIB? Just ask our experts directly: As part of the Leibniz Association’s “Book a Scientist” initiative, on September 12, 2023, those interested can now engage in direct conversations with us and researchers from other Leibniz institutes and museums.

Here’s how it all works: On the Leibniz Association’s website, all conversation partners available for a “date” are listed. This includes those who research in completely different fields than we do at LIB, such as agricultural, meteorological, or linguistic researchers from Leibniz institutes across Germany, categorized into nine different categories.

Once the right conversation partner is found, all that’s left is to schedule the appointment via email, and on September 12, you can engage in a brief half-hour of questioning, discussing, or exchanging expertise. The conversations will take place from 10 to 11:30 AM and from 4 to 5:30 PM, each in a virtual space. Appointments can be booked starting immediately.

Among the 100 topics available for selection, there are also a total of six experts from very diverse fields at LIB who are participating:

  • Annika Mozer on the illegal wildlife trade and wildlife forensics
  • Dr Nils Hein on the Caucasus, known as a hotspot of biodiversity on the edge of Europe
  • Dr Katja Waskow inspiring a passion for species knowledge
  • Dr Livia Schäffler on the conservation of deciduous dry forests and their biodiversity in western Madagascar
  • Dr Ralph Peters on the deceptively simple question “How many animal species are there in Germany?”
  • Albia Consul on how we can enhance nature conservation and the “KennArt” project


For more information, please visit: https://www.leibniz-gemeinschaft.de/bookascientist


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