Questionnaire: Inna Rech

Your Title, Name, Place of work?
Inna Rech, PhD student, Bonn

What is your current position/function at our institute?
PhD Herpetology, ztm (Centre for Taxonomy and Morphology)

What do you like about your job/position?
The work with animals in the collection but also with animals that are alive as well as modern technology like Micro-CT

Can you please describe your tasks at the LIB?
I work in the Herpetology Department and am currently doing research on blind snakes to better understand their systematics, taxonomy, phylogeny and morphology. Only little is known about this group to date. I mainly examine specimens from LIB collections, but also in collaboration with other museums. The main focus lies on the cranial morphology blind snakes.


Is there something about the Institute that particularly appeals to you?
The beautiful permanent exhibition but also the changing exhibitions as well as overall the architecture of the house and many opportunities in research


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