Questionnaire: Dr Kathrin Langen

Your Title, Name, Place of work?
Dr Kathrin Langen, Metabarcoding, Bonn

What is your current position/function at our institute?
Technical Assistant, Metabarcoding section, zbm, (Centre for Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Science)

What do you like about your job/position?
I love to test, develop and establish new methods to optimize laboratory procedures. I also like to contribute to the research of biodiversity declines.

Can you please describe your tasks at the LIB?
My main research interests focus on DNA metabarcoding methods to understand ecosystem dynamics and biodiversity decline. I am involved in developing DNA metabarcoding methods, e.g. using large scale laboratory processing. I process samples from different projects that examine for example terrestrial or aquatic ecosystems or analyze diet and gut contents.


Is there something about the Institute that particularly appeals to you?
The collegial cohesion and mutual support of close colleagues


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