Questionnaire: Dr Julia Schwarzer

Your Title, Name, Place of work?
Dr Julia Schwarzer, Bonn

What is your current position/function at our institute?
Head of Section Evolutionary Genomics, zmb (Centre of Molecular Biodiversity Research)

What do you like about your job/position?
The flexibility and the freedom to follow my curiosity and interests. I love to discuss with fellow colleagues and students and develop new research ideas

Can you please describe your tasks at the LIB?
I am interested in the origin of biodiversity, more precisely the genomic footprints of speciation and adaptation and the link between phenotype and (adaptive) genotype. My research is based on genomic data, like genome sequence data and gene expression data as well as in-depth organismic knowledge (morphological, behavioral and/or ecological data). Gaining a holistic representation of the evolutionary history of the organism or species group is my main goal. Currently my group and I focus on the genomic basis of a derived reproductive strategy in fishes. Studying changes in reproductive systems is particularly interesting, as they are often linked with life-history traits (behavior, costs, mate choice) and environmental change. Genes responsible for a shift in reproductive systems directly shape reproductive success and thus fitness.


Is there something about the Institute that particularly appeals to you?
At the LIB I have the freedom to design and implement my research. There is also a beautiful park at the museum in Bonn with large trees and many flowers in spring and summer, which invites you to take a walk, relax in the sun or discuss projects outdoors. In addition, as we are a museum, we have the opportunity to help shape exhibition content and thus communicate our research directly to a broad audience.


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