Questionnaire: Dr Jenna Moore

Your Title, Name, Place of work?
Dr Jenna Moore, Hamburg

What is your current position/function at our institute?
Head of Section Annelida, ztm (Centre for Taxonomy and Morphology)

What do you like about your job/position?
It is a great privilege to contribute to biodiversity knowledge through my research work, through improving access to the collections for other researchers, and to work with a dynamic group of colleagues from all over the world.

Can you please describe your tasks at the LIB?
My research concerns the systematics, taxonomy, phylogeny and functional morphology of marine annelids. Besides research, a major part of my work at LIB is curation, which includes caring for the specimens and making the collections accessible to the global research community through loans, visits, and digitizing collection data. Another aspect which links research and curation is growing the collection through fieldwork in collaboration with researchers around the world.


Is there something about the Institute that particularly appeals to you?
Our colleagues at the LIB come from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, and I think the diversity in our institute is its greatest strength. Each one has valuable skills and knowledge to share, and this enriches the scientific community by driving creativity and by challenging habits and paradigms.


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