Our Hamburg museums grow together

The new logo of the Museum der Natur Hamburg. © LIB


United under one name: The Zoological, Mineralogical and Geological-Paleontological Museum are now called “Museum der Natur Hamburg”. The exhibitions and collections with the three specialties will initially remain at the previous locations.

Until 2021, Hamburg’s three museums at Bundesstrasse 52 (Zoology), Bundesstrasse 55 (Geology & Paleontology) and Grindelallee 48 (Mineralogy) belonged to the University of Hamburg under the Centrum für Naturkunde (CeNak). After the CeNak and its museums were merged with the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig in Bonn, now called “Museum Koenig Bonn” for short, to form the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB), the name “Museum of Nature Hamburg” now stands for the three houses in Hamburg.

In the future, the three LIB museums in Hamburg will grow closer together and eventually be merged into a new natural history museum. Until then, they will be run under the name “Museum der Natur Hamburg” and will also be linked in their external presentation and in elements of the exhibition.


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    “Expedition Schneeleo” exhibition now at the Museum der Natur Hamburg

    Look a snow leopard in the eye, guess its voice, catch prey on a monitor: NABU’s “Expedition Snow Leopard” exhibition follows the endangered “Spirit of the Mountains” across snowy heights and rocky crevasses into its twelve range countries with a mix of analog and digital hands-on activities.

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    Our Treasure of the Month: A Penguin from the North?

    It can’t fly, but it can swim marvellously and looks like a penguin – but it’s not one at all. Our Treasure of the Month comes from the North and is the last Great Auk.

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    “Glanzlichter der Naturfotografie 2023” at the Museum Koenig Bonn

    Impressive, touching, artistically surprising: The 80 best “Glanzlichter der Naturfotografie” will be on display at Museum Koenig Bonn from September 21.

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