Questionnaire: Livia Schäffler

Your title, name, place of work (Bonn or Hamburg)
Dr. Livia Schäffler, Bonn

What is your current position/function at our institute?
Head of Section Conservation Ecology, zbm (Centre of Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Science)

conservation, ecology, biodiversity monitoring

Can you please describe your research in general terms?
Through application-oriented ecological research, I aim at contributing to the protection of biodiversity on a national and international level. Given the wide variety of anthropogenic disturbances that threaten biodiversity, interdisciplinary collaboration is an important component in my projects. While understanding causes and consequences of species declines is essential to develop effective conservation measures, I consider it crucial to involve stakeholders from politics and society for successful implementation.

In which countries did you work and/or perform(ed) your research projects?
Madagascar, Europe, Germany

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Do you have a recommendation for young scientists in your field of study and for their career?
For a career in application-oriented biodiversity research, I believe that students should gain a wide range of practical experience as early as possible, whether as a student assistant at the university or through volunteer work for nature conservation. Studying abroad at high-ranking institutions and international field experience are not only important for professional qualifications, but greatly widen your own horizon.

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