Questionnaire: Cristina Garilao

© LIB, Garilao

Your title, name, place of work (Bonn or Hamburg)
M.Sc. Cristina Garilao, Hamburg

What is your current position/function at our institute?
Co-head of the Biodiversity Informatics Section, ztm (Centre for Taxonomy and Morphology)

Biodiversity, data and databases

Can you please describe your research in general terms?
My main interest is working with data and databases and finding new ways to provide biological information that will allow other researchers to answer a variety of questions. Prior to joining the LIB in November 2021, I maintained a large dataset that made global, large-scale predictions of the natural occurrence of marine species. This dataset helped answer questions in the fields of biodiversity, conservation, genetics and policy.

In which countries did you work and/or perform(ed) your research projects?
Philippines, Germany

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