Questionnaire: Ameli Kirse

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Your title, name, place of work (Bonn or Hamburg)
Dr. Ameli Kirse, Bonn

What is your current position/function at our institute?
Postdoc, zbm (Centre for Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Science)

metabarcoding, biodiversity monitoring, method development

Can you please describe your research in general terms?
My main interest focuses on the application and development of metabarcoding approaches for the assessment of biodiversity patterns. Metabarcoding can be a powerful tool for assessing underlying causes and consequences of the currently ongoing event of biodiversity loss. I’m psyched to contribute to the development of metabarcoding to exploit its full potential.

In which countries did you work and/or perform(ed) your research projects?

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Do you have a recommendation for young scientists in your field of study and for their career?
I highly recommend students to take as many practical courses in various research groups as possible to really figure out which research questions are the most important to them, so that they are more than happy to spend long hours in the lab, field and on the desk answering those questions.

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