„Museum Monsters” – new online game of the Leibniz Research Museums


Their names are Flibiticus, Music Dude or Roboteef – the first monsters created from what can be seen in the exhibitions of the Leibniz Research Museums. In the free PC game “Museum Monsters“, everyone can build your own monsters. Players of all ages can use, for example, the arm of the trumpeter automaton from the Deutsches Museum or the neck of the giraffe from the savannah in the Museum Koenig Bonn.

There are no limits to the monster creator’s imagination. Along the way, players learn curious and interesting facts about the “body parts” their monsters are made of.

Museum Monsters is the result of a collaboration between game developer Horatiu Roman and seven Leibniz Research Museums. He and his team created the prototype at the Online Game Jam of the Leibniz Research Museums and A MAZE. / Berlin in 2021. The game idea was so well received by the museums and testers that the game was completed together and is now avaible online at:



Like the Game Jam, Museum Monsters is part of the Aktionsplan Leibniz Research Museums and therefore is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the federal states in which the research museums are located, in accordance with a resolution of the Bundestag.


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