„Glanzlichter 2022“ at the Museum Koenig Bonn

The Winged Fisherman. © Gastone Pivatelli, projekt natur & fotografie, Mara K. Fuhrmann


For the 15th time, Museum Koenig Bonn presents the winning images of the international and largest German photography competition “Glanzlichter der Naturfotografie 2022”. A wide range of nature images in eight categories will be on exhibition until 9 January 2023. The overall winner of “Glanzlichter 2022” from the almost 16,000 entries convinced the jury with a spectacular landscape photograph.

“Glanzlichter Nature Photographer 2022” (All Over Winner) is Ivan Pedretti from Italy with his winning image “The Eye”. On the beach of Uttakleiv, one of the most beautiful in the Lofoten in Norway, he saw a unique rock with concentric greenish layers around a central round stone. At the same time, auroras lit up in the sky, transforming the moment into a mystical and spherical impression that Pedretti captured. This and the other winning images will be presented by the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change, Museum Koenig Bonn from 22 September 2022 to 9 January 2023.

The Eye. © Ivan Pedretti, projekt natur & fotografie, Mara K. Fuhrmann


In the 24th edition of the nature photo competition, the jurors took five days to view and evaluate the 15,750 photo submissions. This year, the jury consisted of Gisela Pölking, Sven Meurs and Mara Fuhrmann. In the end, they chose the winners of the “Glanzlichter der Naturfotografie 2022” in eight categories: Magnificent Wilderness, The Beauty of Plants, Nature as Art, Artists on Wings, The World of Mammals, Diversity of all other Animals, Moments in Nature and Aerial Views of Nature. The “Junior Award” and the “Fritz Pölking Award” will also be presented. Steffi Lemke, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection, has taken over the patronage for this “Glanzlichter” year.

“Glanzlichter Junior Nature Photographer 2022” is 16-year-old Luca Lorenz from Germany with the picture “Colour White”. Lorenz patiently lay in wait for the photograph wearing a camouflage suit. This allowed him to get very close to a shy, mating pheasant that was getting used to the undercover photographer in biodiversity. It was a unique opportunity to highlight the beautiful details, colours and textures of the feathers and the line of its body.

Colour White. © Luca, Lorenz, projekt natur & fotografie, Mara K. Fuhrmann


The “Fritz Pölking Award” winner is Gastone Pivatelli from Italy. His picture “The Winged Fisherman” shows how the kingfisher controls his precise hunt for fish from the air with his wings. The picture was taken at a small pond in Bergantino, province of Rovigo, Italy.

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