New Evolutioneum project

It is expected that the Evolutioneum – the new museum of nature in Hamburg – will be welcoming visitors by the end of the 2020s at a central location in the Hanseatic city. The location for the new building is currently being discussed in the Hamburg Senate.

With the Evolutioneum, the City of Hamburg and the Leibniz Association are closing a gap in Hamburg’s museum landscape. The aim is to rebuild the eminent Natural History Museum, which was destroyed in World War II, at a central location and to create a cutting-edge showcase of biodiversity and evolutionary research that radiates as a beacon of the city of science that is Hamburg.

The Evolutioneum emerges from the University of Hamburg’s Centre of Natural History (CeNak), continues with its work within the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB) and further develops this on a larger scale. The existing Hamburg museums of zoology, mineralogy and geology-palaeontology will merge into the Evolutioneum.

As an innovative natural history museum, the Evolutioneum will tell a wide audience in its exhibitions of the development and change of life on our planet in a multifaceted and exciting way. At the heart of this narrative is the tension between the richness and fragility of nature, between the power of evolution and the influence of man on the environment. As part of the LIB, the Evolutioneum research museum will examine the change in biodiversity worldwide. The aim is to create a natural history museum that sets new standards and provides a new platform and attracts a broad public for the pressing questions of the Anthropocene through innovative exhibition concepts as well as multi-layered mediation and educational formats.