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From newly discovered animal species to treasures of historical collections, from environmental changes to nature conservation in the Anthropocene, from the opening of a special exhibition to a panel discussion: you will find all the latest information here. We also offer current press releases for download in the press area.

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  • Knowledge Transfer, Special exhibitions

    Multifaceted insects – Interview on the development of the exhibition

    The travelling exhibition “Multifaceted Insects: Diversity I Endangerment I Protection” offers information, fun, participation and confidence – because everyone can help to protect insects.

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  • Knowledge Transfer, Museums, Research

    Inflammation promotes evolutionary innovation in “pregnant” ricefishes

    By combining anatomical and molecular analyses, the researchers found that cells and signaling pathways involved in the formation of the ricefish plug usually control inflammation.

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  • Museums, Special exhibitions

    New special exhibition “Wild mammals of our homeland – from the wood mouse to the bison”

    The award-winning pictures of this year’s photo competition of the Alexander-Koenig-Gesellschaft e.V. will be exhibited in the bistro of the museum until 27.02.2022.

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  • Knowledge Transfer, Museums, Special exhibitions

    German Cancer Aid hands-on station at the Museum Koenig

    Interactive and child-friendly, we provide information on how childhood vaccinations can protect against cancer in adulthood.

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  • Knowledge Transfer, Museums

    Winter holiday program – Museum Koenig

    Together we discover many exciting topics around the eternal ice.

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  • Knowledge Transfer, LIB, Museums

    Off to the museum: an animal rally is born!

    The young people developed questions around the theme of nature and then produced video and audio material for their own digital rallies through the exhibition.

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