The Scientific Advisory Board visits Hamburg

During the poster session, LIB researchers had the opportunity to present their work to the Scientific Advisory Board. © LIB, Steinkröger


“We don’t do research in an ivory tower,” said Bernhard Misof when the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change was founded about two years ago. We therefore invite the Scientific Advisory Board at regular intervals to make our research and outreach work transparent and to discuss the further development of our Institute.

Consisting of a total of eight highly respected researchers from all over the world, seven representatives came to Hamburg to the Museum der Natur Hamburg. Here they were given guided tours of the scientific collections, permanent exhibitions and inspected the infrastructure. Also present was LIB Director General Bernhard Misof, who gave the advisory board a more detailed presentation of the Hamburg location.

The researchers at the LIB also had the opportunity to present themselves and their scientific findings: During a poster session in the geology department of the Museum der Natur Hamburg, there was a relaxed chat and lively discussions. Bernhard Misof was very satisfied with the visit and sums up: “It was extremely successful and all participants contributed very well. The advisory board was very impressed by the people, our achievements and of course the collections. However, we also found out what we still have to work on together. Here we are also counting on the support of our donors.”


Present were:
Prof. Dr. Arne W. Nolte, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board, University of Oldenburg; Prof. Dr. Susanne Dobler, Vice Chair, University of Hamburg; Dr. Netta Dorchin, Tel Aviv University, Israel; Dr. Ronald Jenner, Natural History Museum, London; Prof. Henry Sauermann, Institute for Endowment Management and Entrepreneurial Finance, ESMT Berlin; Dr. Katrin Vohland, Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria; Prof. Dr. Andreas Wanninger, University of Vienna

© LIB, Steinkröger
© LIB, Steinkröger
© LIB, Steinkröger
© LIB, Steinkröger


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