„BONN, das KLIMA und WIR“ – Special exhibition at the Museum Koenig Bonn

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From October 2 to November 27, 2022, the special poster and photo exhibition “BONN, THE CLIMATE AND WE” by Ursula Jünger and Horst Bennemann presents 14 initiatives from the Bonn region that contribute to climate and nature protection. Photographs documenting the state of nature, increasing environmental destruction, but also the commitment to climate and nature protection surround the exhibition. A discussion evening and the “Krautschau” are part of the supporting program.

“With the exhibition, we want to make the actors against climate change and species extinction, their commitment and their successes visible and better known,” explain Ursula Jünger and Horst Bennemann, who designed the exhibition on a private level. Various local initiatives, including “Bonn im Wandel” and the “Wissenschaftsladen Bonn”, that are contributing to climate and nature protection, are presented on 12 posters. Goal of the traveling exhibition is to encourage interested Bonn residents to actively participate and engage with local biodiversity issues. In addition to the boards, photographs taken by the duo document “the nature we want to preserve” and “the already visible destruction of nature”.

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The special exhibition will be on view in the museum café during normal opening hours until November 27, 2022. In addition to the exhibition opening on October 1 at 3 p.m., the exhibition will be accompanied by two fruther events:

  • “Krautschau” – a plant identification hands-on activity for young & old on October 16
  • “Bonn discusses: Climate and biodiversity protection thought locally”, discussion evening on November 2

The “Krautschau” is a plant identification event that aims to get young and old excited about the botanical biodiversity in Bonn city.  With experts from the museum and equipped with an identification app, we will go on an exploration tour on Sunday afternoon, October 16: Plants growing between pavement joints or wall cracks around the Museum Koenig will be identified together and labeled with chalk on the street. Results will be shared live via the museum’s social media channels so that other people become aware of the plants. More information and registration at: https://bonn.leibniz-lib.de/de/zfmk/veranstaltungen/krautschau

„Bonn diskutiert: Klima- und Biodiversitätsschutz lokal gedacht“ (“Bonn Discusses: Climate and Biodiversity Protection Thought of Locally”) is topic of the discussion evening (fishbowl format) that takes place on November 2 (Festsaal, Museum Koenig). The event aims to offer a platform for constructive dialogue between Bonn citizens and stakeholders in the fields of climate and biodiversity. How can we advance climate and species protection together in and around Bonn? These and other questions are the topic of the discussion round. Information on the discussion evening and participation at: https://bonn.leibniz-lib.de/de/zfmk/veranstaltungen/bonn-diskutiert-klima-und-biodiversitaetsschutz-lokal-gedacht-diskussionsabend

The accompanying program is supported by the Alexander Koenig Society.


Further information: https://bonn.leibniz-lib.de/bonn-das-klima-wir


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