Open Day at the Museum of Nature Hamburg

Celebrating one year of LIB and biodiversity!

© Jason Leung, unsplash


Packed with activities to take part in: We open our doors at the Museum der Natur Hamburg on 25 June 2022. From 10 am to 5 pm, there will be an interactive programme in the zoology department and around it for everyone who is enthusiastic about nature. In keeping with our special exhibition “Multifaceted Insects”, we will be showing above all the fascinating six-legged creatures. At the same time, we celebrate the first year of LIB and present in more detail what is behind the three letters.

During guided tours, lectures and hands-on stands and activities, visitors get to know the Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB) and the Museum der Natur Hamburg better. Together we will look into the collections that are usually not open to the public and discover the diversity of insects, spiders and more.

Numerous hands-on stands present both the diversity of nature and the Hamburg exhibition: from fossils to amber to minerals, we show what our researchers are working on scientifically and involve visitors. We take a close look at insects in order to recognise every detail of our mostly small earth dwellers and learn more about their ways of life.

In short lectures, we understand the background to LIB research and can learn directly from our experts about the work being done in the laboratories and collections above the museum. The audience can talk directly to the LIB researchers – from questions of understanding to shop talk, everything is allowed and everyone is welcome.

In front of the museum, we will look behind tree barks, into bushes and shrubs together with insect experts to get to know the native six-legged creatures in person. You can also discover “multifaceted insects” in the rooms of the special exhibition, where our exhibition team will be on hand to answer questions.

The activities are all free of charge and suitable for all levels of knowledge. There is something for every age group.


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