New special exhibition “Wild mammals of our homeland – from the wood mouse to the bison”

©Olena Pfister

Winner of the 1st place in the over 18 category:
Olena Pfister with the photograph “Squirrel with nut”.


The award-winning pictures of this year’s photo competition of the Alexander-Koenig-Gesellschaft e.V. will be exhibited in the bistro of the museum until 27.02.2022.

A jury of excellent photographers as well as animal experts has selected them from numerous entries. “Due to the very high quality of the images, it was, as always, an intensive process of weighing and deciding”, says Helmut Stahl, President of the Alexander-Koenig-Gesellschaft e.V. (AKG) about the success of the competition. Many impressive, skillfully taken photos were submitted and delight the visitors of the exhibition.

Nevertheless, all photo enthusiasts and visitors of the museum are invited to enjoy the photographs. About 40 award-winning photographs are on display, including the winning images.

Winners in the over 18 category:
1st place: Olena Pfister (squirrel with nut).
2nd place: Stephan Wirwalski
3rd place: Klaus Weber

Winners in the under 18 category:
1st place: Hannes Bonzheim (marten)
2nd place: Hannes Bonzheim
3rd place: Lisa Welsandt

More information about the photo exhibiton


©Hannes Bonzheim


Winner of the 1st place in the category under 18 years:
Hannes Bonzheim with the photograph “Marder”.


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