Educational partnership for the environment

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The Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig – Leibniz Institute for Animal Biodiversity – and the Münsterschule Montessori – Primary School in Bonn signed the cooperation agreement for a long-term educational partnership on October 28, 2021. The official start was given by Prof. Bernhard Misof, director of the Museum Koenig, and principal Esther Köster accompanied by the teaching staff.

Nature conservation can only succeed if society has a fundamental understanding of nature and the environment and is able to use natural resources carefully and sustainably.
With this long-term cooperation, Museum Koenig and the Münsterschule Montessori School want to encourage students to engage in explorative learning, consolidate their action skills and inspire them to engage with different habitats and ecological cycles in a variety of ways.

The special educational space created by the cooperation is to be successively expanded and the cooperation intensified.

Contents of the agreement are:
The students visit the museum at least once a year and take part in a museum educational program. Here they learn about different habitats and their characteristics through the museum’s exhibitions and exhibits:

– African Rainforest
– African savannah
– Desert
– Arctic/Antarctic
– Forests of Central Europe
– Life in the river
– Other topics by arrangement

The first guided tours are already planned for November 2021.


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